NEW Fishmaster T-Top Electronics Box No brackets

 329,99 incl VAT

NEW Fishmaster T-Top Electronics Box No brackets

 329,99 incl VAT


Keep your vhf radio, navigation equipment or fish finder gear secure and dry in our lockable boat electronics box!. This lifesaver can be purchased with or without the mounting hardware. If you have a Fishmaster electronic box for ttops we recommend you purchase the mounting hardware to affix this electronic box to your t-top part number SOA066R . Installation is quick and simple!


    • Water resistant glove box works for fish finders, GPS and radio’s as well as other valuables.
    • Dark smokey plexiglass door panel not only protects but keeps unit out of direct contact with water.
    • Designed to be water resistant unlike other claims that are not truly waterproof!
    • Lock your possessions with a slam latch that comes with two keys.
    • Chopped fiberglass strand construction with outer shell being gel coat.
    • Color of unit is white.
    • 304 stainless steel hinges allow door to swing open or close.
    • 304 stainless steel spring locks door open and simple push spring to close by hand.
    • Outside dimension- 23-3/4″ wide X front taper height 9-1/2″ & rear taper height 9″ X top depth 15-1/2″ X bottom depth 13
    • Inside dimensions- 20-1/4″ wide X front taper height 9″ & rear taper height 8-1/2″ X top depth 13-1/2″ X bottom depth 11-3/4″


The Fishmaster electronics box is made from fiberglass and is great for storing items that you want to keep dry and secure. You can mount electronics like your Stereo, CB radio GPS, or use it for general storage items such as phones, wallets, or anything you want to keep dry and secure. The electronics box comes with a stainless steel latch with a lock and key, so the items can be safely locked inside the box. There’s a spring on one side of the box that will hold the door open. With the touch of a finger, it can easily be disengaged to close the plexi glass door. To install your electronic box, use a universal mounting rails which are pre manufactured to fit the Fishmaster ttop for easy installation. Lay the rails on the top of the electronics box, line them up evenly, and mark where you’re going to drill the holes. Drill the mounting holes in the electronic box. Now bolt the rails, so the electronics box with the supplied hardware. Next, have a friend hold the electronics box in place on the top frame and mark the four locations you’d want to drill holes for mounting. Drill the holes in the mark locations. Now, hold the electronic box in place, and run the bolts through the mounting rails and the t top frame in all four locations and tight. Your electronics box is now installed and ready for action.


Electronics Box Dimensions

Dimensions Outside Inside
Width 23 3/4″ 20 1/4″
Top Depth 15 1/2″ 13 1/2″
Bottom Depth 13″ 11 3/4″
Front Height 9 1/2″ 9″
Rear Height 9″ 8 1/2″


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