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Tear-Aid Repair Kit Type A - 7,6 cm x 30 cm - Gold - 20 pack

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Comes in a package of 20

TEAR-AID is a unique transparent repair patch, with which you can easily close cracks and holes in almost all materials. It is incredibly strong and elastic.
TEAR-AID is not a temporary solution!

TEAR-AID is the ideal repair solution: it is extremely strong, waterproof, airtight, very elastic, it does not discolour, it does not dry out and is permanent.

TEAR-AID repairs, among other things:
- tent canvas
- rubber (inflatable) boats
- inflatables
- sun and rain screens
- jackets and bags

But it also repairs products made of aluminum, stainless steel, polyester and more.

When applied: 90% instant adhesion
After 1 hour: 100% adhesion.

Type A can be used on most substrates, except for PVC/vinyl, for which there is special Type B.

First check here whether you need type A or B for the material to be repaired. Make sure the surface is completely dry. Keep Tear-Aid out of the reach of children.

Product Repair List - Type A

Tear-Aid can be used on the following materials:
(always clean material with alcohol patch before applying Tear-Aid)

90% immediate adhesive strenght / 100% adhesive strenght after 1 hour

Airtex / Acrylate
Auto Convertible Tops
Awings & RV Awnings
Banners / Ballistic Nylon
Bimini tops
Boots / Butyl
Camping Repairs
Canvas Sails / Canopies
Cordura / Cotton
Dacron / Domes
Fiberglass / Flexothane
Fishing Waders

Gore-Tex / Glass
Horse Blankets / Rugs
Hypalon / Icarex
Inflatables Furniture & Toys
Kites / Coopers
Leather / Lycra / Mylar
Monofilm / Nitrilon
Neoprene / Nylon
Party Tents PE
Plastic/Sails/Toys/Water Toys
Polyamide / Polyester
Polyethene / Polyurethane

Pond Foils
Portable Shelters
Protected Clothing
Rain Coats / Gear / Rubber
Scuba Wetsuits & Drysuits
Ski Suits / Sleeping Bags
Sunbrella / Surfboards
Tarps / Tents
Trailer Windows
Tubes / Umbrella

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