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Tear-Aid Repair Kit Type B - 7,6 cm x 30 cm - Silver (for PVC & Vinyl) - 20 Pack

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Comes in a package of 20 pcs

TEAR-AID is a unique transparent repair patch, with which you can easily close cracks and holes in almost all materials. It is incredibly strong and elastic.
TEAR-AID is not a temporary solution!

Tear-Aid B permanently repairs holes and tears in PVC and vinyl. This repair product is extremely strong, water and airtight, very elastic, does not discolour and does not dry out. Can even be used underwater! Ideal for permanent repair of PVC tent windows, PVC groundsheets, (inflatable) boats, swimming pools, swimming pools, inflatable toys, PVC sunshades and umbrellas, vinyl raincoats and bags. The repair kit contains a strip of Tear-Aid repair tape (30x8cm), a reinforcing wire (45cm) for repair of cracks on edges and four alcohol wipes for cleaning the surface.

- A transparent multifunctional repair tool
- Permanently repairs holes and tears in almost all materials
- Extremely strong, waterproof and airtight and can even be used underwater
- Suitable for vinyl and PVC material
- Includes reinforcement at edges and seams and cleaning cloths for the surface

TEAR-AID is the ideal repair solution: it is extremely strong, waterproof, airtight, very elastic, it does not discolour, it does not dry out and is permanent.

TEAR-AID repairs, among other things:
- tent canvas
- rubber (inflatable) boats
- inflatables
- sun and rain screens
- jackets and bags

But it also repairs products made of aluminum, stainless steel, polyester and more.

When applied: 90% instant adhesion
After 1 hour: 100% adhesion.

Type A can be used on most substrates, except for PVC/vinyl, for which there is special Type B.

First check here whether you need type A or B for the material to be repaired. Make sure the surface is completely dry. Keep Tear-Aid out of the reach of children.

Product Repair List - Type B

Especially for Vinyl/PVC.
Banners Vinyl
Belly Boats PVC
Protective clothing
buddy seat
convertible windows
Tarpaulin boats
Tarpaulins truck
Bottles / Tanks / Containers
Bicycle / Motorcycle / Scooter Saddles PVC
camping equipment
inflatable boats
Party tents PVC
PVC pipes
PVC hoses
PVC pond liner
PVC water toys
Windows in tents and boats
Advertising balloons
Sailing advertising
Sports equipment
Trailer sailing
Trampoline Rims
Swimming pools
Pool Liners
Sailing PVC

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