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TowRescue® - PRE ORDER NOW!!

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Designed for commercial towing applications, TowRescue® features a powerful corrosion resistant duplex stainless steel tow bar that attaches directly to brackets mounted to your boat’s engine(s). As the boat’s pivot point and source of thrust, this location delivers the most horsepower and affords better steerageway than other alternatives. Which tow bar you need depends on the type of mount required, the brand, engine horsepower, and number of engines.

 Duplex stainless steel is much stronger than the stainless steel used for recreational TurboSwings. It also has a much higher corrosion resistance, which performs better in salter water environments. 

Each TowRescue tow bar comes with an EZpulley to attach the tow rope.You can order additional attachments under TurboSwing Pulley. 

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