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TurboSwing XL

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Increase the fun-factor of your outboard powered boat: turn it into a water sports machine and start pulling inflatables, waterskiers and wakeboarders!

Designed for outboard motors!

Whether you have a runabout, a pontoon boat, a fishing boat, or even a small cruiser, if your boat is powered by virtually any outboard (even twin engines all the way up to 350 horsepower) we have a TurboSwing model that will do the trick.

One of the reasons the TurboSwing is so versatile lies in its basic design. Turboswing attaches to the transom, which is the strongest part of the boat. The mounting systems piggybacks on outboard mount bolts that are already present in the transom, and all that needs to be added is a pair of stabilizing bolts that comes with the mounting kit.

Download the Installation Guide


  • Corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel tow bar elevates the tow rope to keep it clear of the wake and prop wash
  • EZPulley system affords smooth, consistent pulls
  • Improves vessel stability, maneuverability, fuel economy and towing power
  • Universal motor bracket installation - fits virtually any brand of outboard motor
  • Tow ropes clip quickly and easily to TurboSwing pulley system
  • Can accommodate multiple riders
  • Protects engine from impact
  • Tow bar can be quickly and easily removed
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